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About Me

I'm Andrew. I'm a third culture kid (French+American) living in London. I'm curious, competitive, and love to laugh. I love contrasts- I believe in institutions and I love disruption. I love sports, politics, and culture, but I can easily spend hours of research on a new topic or passion. 

I particularly love learning about high achievers' journeys and hearing how they think/analyse their field. I'm a big believer in lateral learning. I'm a generalist in the mould of David Epstein's Range and I believe Sir Clive that leadership and systems are transferrable across disciplines. 

I've worked across the company lifecycle, from day zero to publicly-listed. The majority of my experience is in revenue roles, but I've spent time in corporate strategy and product development along the way. Outside of one detour into B2C, I've spent my career in B2B (services and SaaS). 

I've used this experience to found two companies, lead EMEA at a scale-up exit, and build a career creating and growing businesses in the US and EMEA. 

I'm now collecting these themes and experience in one place as my own exegesis on business.

My Experience

I started my career at the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), home of The Challenger Sale, working as an SDR,  New Product Associate, and BDM. It was the McKinsey of revenue training and development. 

I then moved to LexisNexis as a Customer Success Manager working with large print media companies (Gannett, Wash Po, NYT) during the height of their digital disruption. It was a trial by fire in net revenue retention and intense contract negotiations. I got to see some of the original Watergate documents, which was a major highlight! 

I went business school at Duke, where I walked out early of a Coach K presentation to catch a flight for my mom's bday... they still gave me a degree. I interned at an Aerospace & Defense consulting firm doing commercial due diligence and M&A strategy work- great experience, way too much defense for me.

At S&P Capital IQ I was part of the Strategy and Market Development team that was charged with driving revenue and market share expansion in EMEA. It was here that I had the idea for my first startup- micro consulting projects.

After two years at S&P Capital IQ, I founded Hillgate. I made a million mistakes, but managed to build the business to Series A level and sell to Business Talent Group (BTG). Post-acquisition I took the role of Head of EMEA at BTG, leading the Sales, Customer Success, and Partnerships in EMEA. As part of this role I co-launched the Interim Executive practice, which was a key driver to BTG's acquisition by Heidrick & Struggles. 

I left to start a digital health business (Slope Health) in late 2021. We created a product that changed behaviour and delivered great utilisation metrics. However, we didn't crack the unit economics required to continue the journey. Main lesson: consumer health & wellness is incredibly hard. 

I'm now doing advisory and consulting work as I plan the next step in the journey.


Here are a few highlights of my experience:

Man Reaching Star

Bootstrap to Exit

Founded and built Hillgate (HR Tech) into a $5M ARR business working with 8% of the F500 in four years. Acquired by Business Talent Group in 2019.

Financial App Mockup

Product Development

Led the product development process for the Hillgate and Slope Health platforms, delivering sector-leading performance metrics (NPS, retention, usage, etc) for both.


Revenue Hyper Growth

Co-led the global launch of an new service offering at BTG that grew to $xxM in two years and was a key driver of channel partner (Heidrick & Struggles) acquiring BTG in 2021. 


US to EMEA expansion

Led the market development for S&P Credit Analytics for corporate and PE/VC clients in EMEA. This covered PM to revenue generation; exceeded revenue and market share growth targets.

Digital Work Life

Revenue Leadership

Created the Revenue functions (Sales and Customer Success) at Hillgate and grew the team from 3 to 15 FTEs in two years. 

Game Strategy Plan

Intrepreneur to $1M+

Key part of the market research efforts and then led sales effort for CEB's second mid-market product, the IT Leadership Council. Generated $1.2M in revenue in the first year.

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