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Hyper Growth Requires a Revenue System

The Revenue System is a schematic approach to managing your revenue operations. Why? Because that is how world-class organisations function. Revenue is no different. There’s a common misconception that sales is about relationships. It is, but not in the way most people think.

Most people think sales is about forming a personal connection with a buyer. Many (bad) salespeople perpetrate this misconception. It is the sales equivalent of developers using the opacity of the development process to their advantage. It is total bs.

Think about your own experience with salespeople in either a personal or professional setting. When has someone’s amazing personality convinced you to buy something you didn’t want or need? We buy because we want or need something.

In fact, the research from the Sales Leadership Council shows that the “Relationship Builder” is the lowest percentage of high-performing salespeople. They account for 4% of high performers in high complexity environments and 11% in low complexity environments.

The best companies have revenue operations with clearly defined processes and a metrics-driven approach to performance. The key here is that a system helps the majority of your sales team perform. The rockstars will always find a way. To build a hyper growth team you need the majority of the team to (out) perform. That requires a system.

I will create a series of follow up posts on how you create a world-class revenue system.

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